A Speedy Link Shortener

Shorten long URLs to enhance sharing, tracking, and user experience.


10000+ visitors clicked on the link


URL Shortening

Compress your URLs to their minimal length.


Monitor link analytics and gather insightful statistics.


Deploy without the need for traditional servers.

Customizable Slug

Support for personalized slugs.

AI Slug

Leverage AI to generate slugs.

Link Expiration

Set expiration dates for your links.


Here are some common questions about us.

A URL shortener is an online tool that converts long URLs into shorter ones, making them easier to share and remember.

URL shorteners are mainly used for social media sharing, email marketing, and advertising campaigns, as short links are more concise and easier to disseminate.

Yes, our URL shortener ensures the security and privacy of user data, and does not store any personal information.

Yes, by default, all links will not expire, and users can customize the expiration time of links.

Yes, our service supports customizing shortened links, allowing you to set personalized short links as needed.

Yes, you need to log in, which can to some extent ensure the security of your link.

Yes, supports API calls.

Our URL shortener provides click statistics, allowing you to view the number of clicks, time, and geographical location of the shortened link.

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